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Coverage C

Coverage C

Coverage C

Coverage C is typically included in most homeowners’ policies; however, it may have a different coverage letter. This coverage is typically titled Loss of Use.

In the event of certain losses, your home may become uninhabitable. This may be due to having no bathroom or kitchen. It could be due to the fact that the homeowner is elderly with a medical condition and the remediation and reconstruction will exacerbate their symptoms. It could also be that the A/C is out in a region that has a very hot climate. Staying in the house until everything is repairs would not be safe for their health. Even if you have to have your entire first floor of wood flooring stained, you will need to be out of the house for a day due to the toxic fumes. So, remember there are multiple reasons that a house can become uninhabitable.

Once it’s determined that the residence is not habitable due to a covered loss, the insurance company must indemnify the homeowner by providing adequate accommodations as stated under the policy. The insurance company will work with you to find a hotel, or in cases of extended stay (ex. fire losses), temporary housing.
Always remember to ask if you feel that you may need accommodations. You very well may be entitled to them!

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