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During the process of going through your claim, you may have heard the term peril. What is a peril and how does it apply to my claim?
A peril is something that exposes you or your property to the possibility of risk. The insurance industry has found several perils that are common that they insure against for your protection. Some of these perils include:

1. Fire
2. Wind or hail
3. Lightning
4. Vehicle
5. Explosion
6. Aircraft
7. Smoke
8. Vandalism
9. Theft
10. Volcanic eruption
11. Falling objections
12. Weight of ice and snow
13. Overflow or freezing of pipes or other household appliances
14. Tears, cracks, and burns in water heaters, A/C or fire sprinkler systems
15. Damage from electrical current
16. Breakage of glass
17. Riot

Your coverage A items (covered in another blog) are usually covered by any peril. Your coverage B items (covered in another blog) are typically restricted to these perils. Meaning, for those damaged coverage B items to covered, the damage must be caused by one of the 16-18 standard perils. It is important to read your policy because many of these perils have subparts or items that exclude them. If you are unsure of any part of your policy, your agent is always there to help you.

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