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Coverage B

Coverage B

Coverage B

To refresh the memories of those who read our coverage A blog, we gave the example that if you turned your house upside down, everything that didn’t fall out would be coverage A. Well, look out for all those tumbling items because everything coming out is coverage B! These are your contents or personal belongings.

This can include clothes, rugs, bags, boxes, computers, stereos, phones, lamps, sofas, loveseats, chairs, tables, china sets, toys, and many more things. Coverage for damage to these items is more restrictive that your coverage A items. Your content items must be damaged by one of 16-18 standard perils that are used across the insurance industry. We’ve covered perils in another blog, so if you missed it, please click here! Perils are very restrictive, so you want to make sure you have the appropriate insurance for the contents you have. You can do this by talking to your agent. There is also a section in your policy dedicated to coverage B that will explain what items are excluded. This will vary depending on the carrier and policy.

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